Governors Island Agreement Haiti

After hours of delay, Aristide signed the agreement shortly before 23 .m at Governors Island, the Port of the New York Coast Guard, atop Manhattan, which served as a site for historic discussions. Lieutenant-General Cedras, who deposed Aristide 21 months ago, had signed the agreement 11 hours earlier, just before leaving for Haiti. Aristide`s advisers also seemed dissatisfied with the way Cedras had appeared in Caputo`s rooms at the Club Officer on the base, signing the agreement and letting a plane fly to Haiti without speaking publicly. Aristide wanted him to answer some of his objections instead. But at today`s signing ceremony, Jean Casimir, Aristide`s ambassador to Washington, warned that „this agreement will fail without the most vigilant attention to the human rights situation in Haiti.“ For this reason, the workers, the workers, the unemployed, the poor of the countryside, the proletarians have nothing to expect from those who signed the agreement on the governor`s island, nor from their noisy opponents. All this struggle is between the defenders of the bourgeois order. The real problem for the future is when and how the poor classes can begin to mobilize and leave behind the politics of this small group, where all decisions are taken against the poor classes and their interests. The current review of Haitian policy was not motivated by criticism of the refugee issue, as Mr Pezzullo proposes. It was motivated by the fact that officials such as the Ambassador did not respect the principle that agreements must be respected. In principle, it is incumbent on the United States to aggravate the problem of Haiti and not to support our rhetoric with concrete measures. Democratically elected leaders should not be sidelined because we are not prepared to assume our responsibilities as great power. In addition, Camp Aristide said it felt betrayed by the failure of the agreement to secure the release of all members of the army`s high command. The agreement provides that Aristide will appoint a new commander who, in turn, will appoint a new high command „in accordance with the Constitution.“ This means that the sacked high command will retain a few more positions in the army.

But under strong international pressure, Aristide changed his mind and announced from New York that he was coming to sign the agreement at Governors Island. But even after his arrival, six hours after Cedras signed, Aristide hesitated. If the pact is successful, it will be an exception to the history of Latin America and the Caribbean, marked by the coup, and will reinstate a president impeached by peaceful diplomacy. Although several previous agreements on Haiti have failed since the fall of Aristide, negotiators stressed that the new agreement would receive strong international support and the threat of new UN sanctions if it was not respected. Aristide would then appoint a prime minister. Once the Prime Minister was confirmed, the United Nations and the Organization of American States would suspend, in accordance with the agreement, international sanctions against Haiti, which have paralyzed its economy and which were probably the main force that convinced Cedras to go to The Island of Governors and sign an agreement on Aristide`s return to power. The former engineer says Tesla chased her away, then beat her up. Their action against the company tests the limits of arbitration agreements that bind millions of American workers.