Personal Sponsorship Agreement Difc

Labour law 2019: The law now specifies that employers cannot recover employee recruitment and sponsorship costs and cannot keep an employee`s original passport and/or personal documentation. Labour law 2005: the law provided that workers could not give up their minimum legal rights, which corresponded to the concept of transaction agreements. Labour law 2019: The law now allows the waiver of rights if the waiver wants to settle a dispute. DIFC courts have the power to extinguish all transaction agreements as inappropriate, but cannot do so if the parties have sought independent legal advice. If you wish to formally respond to the consultation, you can send your comments directly to the DIFC authority under in the prescribed form. As part of our commitment to strengthening our partnerships with our valued clients, we have revised the allocation of employee space mentioned in the Personal Sponsorship Agreement to best practices and the highest standards of governance and transparency. Thanks to our integrated system of customer portals, business units can facilitate the submission of dependent visa packages and a number of other optional services. As has already been said, the new legislation does not represent a significant change in the employment landscape in the CFDN. However, it puts an end to a number of ambiguities that have been found in practice and attempts to bring the law into line with international practice. It will be interesting to see if any of the changes will be reflected in the future amendments of the UAE Labour Party that govern labour relations outside the DIFC.

During the development of the proposed new legislation, the team worked closely with DIFC, drawing on our expertise and experience in both hard labour law and English labour law (which is the source of the number of proposed amendments). The team was also awarded the honorary title of „DIFC Labour Law Specialists“ from the DIFC Academy of Law. Therefore, we are ideally positioned to discuss the proposed new legislation and would be happy to seek comment or concerns with DIFC (and share with your permission).