Power Purchase Agreement Facebook

„The ambitious sustainable development goals of leaders such as Facebook will play a key role in accelerating the transition to renewable energy in the coming years, faster than expected,“ said Mark Goodwin, President and CEO of Apex Clean Energy. „With this power purchase agreement, Facebook continues to make progress in achieving its renewable energy goals, advancing the sector and paving the way for other businesses.“ „We hope that it will not only support our operations in Ireland and our 100% renewable energy target for all our global activities, but will also encourage all stakeholders to work together to network additional renewable energy through business sales contracts. This is the first Virtual Power Agreement (VPPA) between Sunseap Group and Facebook and Singapore`s largest solar capacity agreement under a VPPA. A VPPA is a contractual structure in which an electricity buyer agrees to purchase the renewable energy of a project at a pre-agreed price. The energy can be produced from a renewable energy project that is located outside the company`s site, but is located on the same grid. In this case, the renewable energy credits (RECs) facebook will receive will come from electricity from solar panels exported from Sunseaps solar projects on Apex`s rooftops, mcDonald`s strike for 326 MW of wind power Another unnamed purchase contract for the companies for most of Aviator Wind`s balance sheet, known as Aviator Windator West, will be announced later. In Ireland, Facebook collaborated with Brookfield Renewable Partners LP, a company with which it has already signed a 10-year contract in 2016. After the Candian Brookfield fund took over the wind farm operations of the local distribution company Bord Géis, its Lisheen, Co Tipperary, the turbines powered facebook in Clonee`s data centers. Safe Harbor Statement This press release contains forward-looking statements based on current expectations, forecasts and assumptions, which involve risks and uncertainties that could cause significant ables and results, including statements relating to the virtual energy sales contract executed on behalf of Facebook , Facebook`s renewable energy targets, expected environmental benefits and the date of our power purchase contracts. SunEnergy1 and our sustainable development program.