Social Security Agreement New Zealand And Australia

New Zealanders travelling to Australia without obtaining a permanent residence visa, i.e. with a special category visa, may have access to certain social security payments covered by the Social Security Agreement between Australia and New Zealand. More information about the agreement can be found below. All international agreements set out the entry-into-force requirements, which provide that each party indicates in writing to the other party whether it has completed its legal and constitutional procedures necessary for entry into force. An agreement would then enter into force on a date set by reference to the exchange of notification of the completion of all legal and constitutional procedures. 6. To the extent that disclosure is not required and is authorized by the legislation of both parties, any information about a person transmitted to a person by the competent authority or by a competent institution of the other contracting party under this agreement is confidential and can only be used for the purposes of the application of this agreement and the social security law of one of the two parties. Party. (3) When a person requests assistance under this agreement, Australia should be mentioned in the provisions of the Australian Social Security Act regarding the qualification for the payment of caregivers as a reference to New Zealand. For the purposes of this section and Australian social security legislation, the conditions for exchanging information for social security purposes are considered to be equivalent to either half of the amount of that benefit or the total amount of those benefits.

may only qualify for a benefit outside New Zealand if it is entitled to that benefit under a reciprocal social security contract with New Zealand with that third country. To coordinate the functioning of their respective social security systems and to improve equal access for those covered by this agreement to certain social security benefits provided by the legislation of both countries, and New Zealand has bilateral social security agreements with several countries. Any agreement allows New Zealanders to have access to certain benefits or pensions in the event of a move to these countries and allows persons who migrate from these countries to New Zealand (b) „benefit“ for a contracting party, defined and defined benefits under Article 2 and, unless otherwise stated, an amount, increase or increase that, in addition to this benefit or in relation to a person Who is entitled to this amount must be paid. , increasing or adding social security legislation to this contracting party; 1) „Australian resident“ has the importance of this clause in Australian social security law, but for the purposes of the agreement, a New Zealand national who does not hold a permanent Australian visa but is legally staying in Australia on a special class visa is also included. In deciding whether a person resides in Australia, the following factors should be considered: (c) a special class visa holder within the meaning of the Australian Social Security Act. (a) the amount of this benefit is not an additional benefit or allowance that would have to be paid under New Zealand`s social security law if that person were established in New Zealand; A – the rate that should have been paid if that person had stayed in Australia and had been qualified to receive the old-age pension under the Australian Social Security Act.